Martes, Setyembre 29, 2015

Tiring Day

Last Saturday was a bad day for us. Eric and I are always excited for the weekend because we get to rest for a little bit. But Liam decided that he wants to enter the Karate tournament for the first time. I am so worried that he might be hurt because he is still so young! I told him that we visit the tournament first and he will decide if he wants to join. But he cried and said he wanted to do it because he wants to have GOLD medal. So proud of him for being so determined and confident but for me, I think he is not prepared yet. Eric told me that if Liam wants it, then he should learn from it if he gets hurt. Our son wants it soo bad that we decided to go for it.

proud mom

proud Dada
 When we arrived we were so pumped up we got excited for Liam.

warm up

strong kicks!

Liam was soo excited and happy! But me and my hubby were not! We did not know that we will stand up for 5 hours! We were not able to get chairs because there were so many people on different parts of Mindanao! The time stated to us was 9:30 am so we were there on time. But the tournament started so slow. Our group was not even called yet. We really really tried to be patient and supportive but sad to say we got really tired by 3:00 pm. Eric kept saying that we are wasting our time on what should be relaxing day for our family. Heather was also at our house waiting for us. We decided to go home.

Liam was so sad and cried a little bit because he was disappointed that he cannot join. He said he really wanted to have an award. I told him we will join again next time and make sure that we are prepared. Maybe we will come with chairs for us and we will come in the afternoon.

To make our day better, I went to Save More Grocery to buy some pork ribs and cooked french fries that we got from S & R.

When we arrive Heather was so happy to see us. Ruth made fun of her while putting my bra on her and I took a picture of it because it was funny.

As planned, we watched Tomorrowland and we loved the movie.

It was a very tiring day for us. But we tried to shift the negative vibes by moving on and doing fun and relaxing stuff to have happy vibes again. Liam moved on and he was happy for our movie and yummy food trip.

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