Huwebes, Setyembre 10, 2015

Walking with Sis

         Hi everyone! Happy Friday!!!
Just want to share my pics from our walking with sistah!!! We combine chikas and exercise yesterday and it felt so good! I love exercising with my baby!

So sorry baby Heather and Liam that we can't provide an exclusive neighborhood for you to live in. But we are doing our best to give you a good life! I am enjoying every moment with my baby, I can definitely say thay being a good mother is my calling and specialty! I just love them both so much and I want them to get to have fun experiences so that the memories of their childhood will be awesome.

I super love this dress given to me by my sis in law. It has been with me since 2009! I love it! When it comes to clothes I'm quite a hoarder! Good thing I have my baby girl to have it when she gets older.

Heather loves walking around the neighborhood! She throws a tantrum everytime we go home! I understand her because a child loves exploring places. 

We had fun on our walk. We also watched Love, Rosie and we loved the movie sooo much. 

     Booties - Gap

              Ate Apple's cute outfit

Whew! Tired and sweaty me but everything is sooo worth it!

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