Martes, Setyembre 15, 2015

Yellow Girl

Hi everyone! I posted 2 blogs today to make up for the time I did not post!

I love this Yellow dress from my old store Budget Barbie! It looks good with my skin color but honestly, I know it is not forgiving to a pear shaped body like mine! I honestly look fat in it but I don't want to make a big deal out of it because I am blessed with family life and work life. I am trying to eat healthier because I eat pork a lot! But we decided to just eat fish during the weekdays  and pork on weekends! Hubby also agreed because it is much healthier for us and we want to live longer for our kids!

Shades from: Aldo
Denim Jacket : Forever 21
Bag: Kate Spade NY

Well, even though I feel fat, I still looked good because I am confident! I love my body! This body gave me 2 babies and I am strong!

It was going to be a busy day so I chose to wear my rubber shoes so I can run around. It was Liam's birthday yesterday.

This old shoes is from: Nike

I hope you love my look! 

Posting snippets of my son's 7th birthday

Happy BOY!

Went to Jacks Ridge to celebrate! We went there around 4:30 so Liam and Heather can run around and play!

Family PIC

Family Pic 2

We finished celebrating around 6:15! It was so fast but we enjoyed our time there!
We payed P1450 for everything we ordered! So happy. Budget and Beautiful View. :)

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