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Fit and Toned in 30 days

Sorry for being such a lazy blogger! We renovated our office/gym room in our house and I decided to wait for it because of the chaos. When it was finished, I even got lazier because I was busy with FITNESS! 

Yup, remember my old fitness post about how I lost weight? Well, I gained it all back again because I eat like a monster! I love sweets, salty and spicy stuffs! I even tried to be on a fish diet but I bloated like crazy because of too much rice and bagoong!

My hubby also loves to eat out with me so that was one of the reasons I gained weight. I am not a stress eater but I don't control my food intake.

I keep on making excuses on exercise because I said my business and my kids are more important than my body. But then I had little insecurities here and there, like I can't seem to wear sleeveless and my sexy shorts anymore and I have pimples because of eating too much oily foods. I can even touch love handles on my waist! When I attend parties, I always drink laxative teas to be able to feel better about myself! I know it is not healthy.

So last October 31, 2015, I decided to exercise and eat healthier. I started with walking on my treadmill and power walking outside the house and went back to my favorite fitness trainers on youtube Tone it Up. I exercised 2 hours a day for 6x a week!
I wake up early so I can do it without excuses. If I do it at the end of the day, I get tired so it was much better if I do it in the morning. 

After 2 weeks of seeing results, I went to Victoria Plaza department store to buy heavier weights. I already have 7 lb weights, a yoga mat and ankle weights for my legs so that it gives me faster results. 

I bought 9 lb. dumbbells and kettlebell 10 lbs.
It really helped me tone up. I did not lose a lot of weight but I can feel skinier legs, slimmer waist and toned arms.

About my diet I ate more protein and for my carbs I ate boiled broccoli and cauliflower. It is really very hard to have better body this time because I am turning 30 and I have 2 kids already. I don't have the genetics so I have to push myself so hard and motivate myself because literally I was in such a hell.

Right now, I am doing one hour a day workouts and lots of cheatdays in a week but I choose my battles. Lol! Like if I eat anything really yummy I make sure to to take it easy on the carbs or sweets. If I don't eat a lot of viand, I treat myself with anything sweet. 
Lately, I am craving sweets and I eat ripe mangoes to fight it. 

I am determined to have a better lifestyle and not go back to eating a lot. I have to exercise everyday in order to maintain my physique. I just have to have healthier choices on food. I am very far from my dream body and I will take it one day at a time. I am happy with the results and if you have questions I am glad to answer it on my facebook account.

Hopefully in 2016, I have skinny legs and flat stomach. 😍

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