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What I got for Christmas

Hi everyone!! 

Im just sitting here at Serenitea, waiting for Liam as he finish his school. Been having doubts on sharing my life in social media but as Selena Gomez said, 'the heart wants what it wants'. Lol!

I just love sharing my positive and hard experiences in my life because I can inspire my readers. 
2015 is one of my happiest year. I went to New York and everyday of my life is just mainly happy. Although me and my husband got problems in other areas of our lives but what we realize is that as long as we are together nothing really matters more.
It was also a year that I realized my true calling. I was looking for location for a new branch for my salon, but there was a very nice offer that we had but we have to be discreet about it.
So I decided to focus on being my husband's executive assistant because I know he needs me more than ever. So for now. I will stick by his side and support him on his adventure. In that note, I can also focus on my children, being a homemaker, my fitness, salon and blogging!!! Yey!

I wanna share what I got for Christmas. I know Christmas is for kids and I love it. But here are some gifts that I received and loved. 

1. Cute Princess Teacup from my sister. She knows that I love drinking coffee every morning and I'm a big fan of Disney Princesses so I super loved it.

2. 2016 Planner from my sister in law that is super girly! Get it at

and the 3rd one... Tan tanan nan...
I got a new Chanel bag for myself. I know my blog name is Budget Barbara, but a girl can dream right? Since I was in high school I wanted one because of Audrey Hepburn. So please forgive me. But nevertheless I am still very practical in all aspects of life. Haha!

                 My 3 Chanel babies :) 

For my hubby's gift, I will share it in another post because it is so special that it deserves another blogpost. Maybe in April 2016 :) 

So it is another year and I am very excited for what is ahead for me and my family! Thank You for reading and being a part of my life.

New Years Resoultion is up next!!

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