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Healthy New Year Resolutions for 2016

Better Late than never!

Here are my NY Resolutions that is so attainable for every Woman.

1. Exercise right after you Wake Up.

I always had a lot of excuses for not exercising. I'm too busy, my babies need me, lots of errands, need to cook.. etc..etc.. so I made it a point to exercise right after I wake up! Bring out the coffee and one glass of water to shock me. LOL

2. Eat a healthy BREAKFAST.

I usually don't cook my own breakfast, so when I wake up, I just eat what is available. AKA bacon, fried fish, nuggets, chorizo, fried egg, lots of rice and the likes. Sooo not healthy!!! So I've been starting makin' my own breakfast with healthy oils and food. I don't feel guilty afterwards!

3. Drink Lots of WATER and include Apple Cider Vinegar.

Based on a lot of articles drinking one full glass of water with apple cider vinegar on it every morning will give you a strong immune system. Also after that please drink 8 more glasses a day too.


4. TRY HIIT!!!

I admit HIIT is sooooo tiring, excruciating! I hate it! But it is so self satisfying afterwards. I feel stronger and confident everyday! Please try it at least 3x a week. What is much more nicer is that you can include it in your daily routines because it is definitely shorter than other types of exercise routines and it burns more calories too.

5. Do your own Lunch and Dinner.

If you are too busy then try to be more aware of what you eat. Stay away from fast foods, choose healthier choices every damn day. Instead of 1 cup of rice try half rice then add veggies, steamed food rather than fried, fruits rather than chocolate or desserts. Don't put yourself in temptation, because include me on being guilty about that. If there is fatty food on the table I can't seem to say NO. lol

6. Sleep Better

Am I alone on this one? I love sleeping more than anything. I love nap time. lol. It is one of the greatest luxuries as an adult. Sleeping better can lessen stress and can help control hunger. Stop aimlessly scrolling your phone before sleeping because chances are, you will be scanning it for more than an hour and it is equivalent to less sleep. 

7.  Beauty Routines and Spa time are essential.

 If we are always busy and stressed it will definitely lead to weight gain. The body will pump out the stress hormone and also increase fat storage specially in the tummy! Make Sure to have time for yourself and relax. For me I love going to my favorite Massage Parlor at least once a month or have a day on my salon for some girly pampering. It is always important to have time for yourself. To be able to be a strong, confident woman.

I hope you love my Healthy New Year Resolutions!!

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