Miyerkules, Pebrero 3, 2016

Alors with 2 BFFs

Hi everyone!

Just wanna share our experience at Alors at Torres Street, Davao City.

I am craving for the red velvet cake because it is sssooo yummy!

I decided to invite 2 of my beshies for some girl time. It is so nice that all of us are friends and stay connected. It is quite funny that Cherry is younger than us but the three of us are actually from the same school in Assumption College of Davao.

OMG! Cherry's fone is soo nice. Samsung Galaxy Note 5. 

I super love my hair lately! It is very healthy and I will tell you my Hair Wash/ Hair Care Routine in other blogpost!

Actually, we decided to take advantage of the brownout so we decided to take selfies which is our favorite thing to do. LOL!

Raiza was a little bit late and when she came, we ate yummy cakes!!!

red velvet cake for me
rainbow cake for Raiza
Pinterest-y chocolate cake for Cherry

                                       Where will be if we don't have our friends???
                         Staying Connected is very important! It keeps me sane and happy.

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