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Keratin Blowdry Treatment or Morphosis Restructure Collagen Treatment?

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Are you confused or curious on what hair treatment you need when you go to the salon? If you don't like the regular treatments like Hair Cellophane or Hot Oil, I will tell you more about Keratin Treatment and Collagen Restructure.

1. Cynos Keratin Blowdry Treatment

The Keravit Ultimate Brazilian Keratin Treatment is infused with grape essence that reconstructs, repairs and rejuvenates damaged hair. It further eliminates frizz and reduces volume too. With Grape seed oil extract, antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C, Beta-Carotene, and vitamin D. Its essential ingredients leaves hair soft and revitalized instantly. 

I think having this treatment can help super dry and damaged hair and women who wants some extra volume on their hair. Colored hair, rebonded hair or permed hair can sometimes cause breakage and dullness on the hair so this treatment is very good for you.  Keratin filaments are abundant in keratinocytes in the cornified layer of the epidermis; these are proteins which have undergone keratinization. In addition, keratin filaments are present in epithelial cells in general. (Wikipedia.)

I can tell you about this Keravit based on my clients, that it depends on the way you care on your hair, it can go to 1 month to 3 months. It can also give temporary straightening on your hair. If you want your hair to be always healthy, you can try it once a month.

FYI: If you try this treatment, you can't rebond or perm your hair because it locks the cuticle for 8 months and it will not work on a keratin blowdry treated hair.

Price: P1,000 for short hair
P1,300 for long hair

Cynos Brand from Canada

2. Morphosis Hair Collagen Treatment

Can be a deeply concentrated care when damaged, the hair is dull or lifeless, no harm. This requires the Framesi Morphosis Re-Structure Kitintended. This kit is a professional intensive treatment to restructure the hair, nourish and give back again his strength and shine.
The Framesi Morphosis Re-Structure Kit consists of three different treatments. Namely, a Revitalising Shampoo, an Express Filler and a unique Precious Fluid.

  • A gel to restructure the hair and hair fibers in depth repair. It makes the hair thicker, fuller, more compact and improved the texture directly. Enriched with marine collagen, pearl proteins, silica, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, wheat protein, and glycerin. Overall a great nourishing product!
  • An intensive restorative treatment. Restores the natural beauty of the hair fibers and elasticity. Thanks to the hair is the best ingredients spoiled so that the active ingredients to extend the benefits of the treatment. Makes hair extremely shiny and soft. Put together from unique ingredients such as marine collagen, pearl proteins, silicon, vitamin E, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, 100% renewable vegetable resin to encapsulate the hair.

The collagen treatment is for deeply damaged hair. Expect your hair to be better after 3-4 treaments.  
If you want your hair to have extra strength, luster and shine, this treatment is also good for you!!!
You can color, rebond or perm your hair as usual!

Price: P680 for short hair
P850 for long hair

Framesi is from Italy

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