Martes, Marso 1, 2016

Frog Kaffee Coffeeshop Review


I wanted to take my mom to a new coffee shop because we are both coffee lovers. I think Frog Kaffee will be interesting for both of us.

Mama ordered the Cappuccino and it was one of the yummiest coffee we ever tasted. It has a super distinct taste.

Unfortunately, I can't say the same to the food. It was boring and expensive. 

The blueberry cheesecake --- nomnom!

I also ordered the iced carame latte and it was also unbelievably yummy!!!

Overall, if you want to have a good time with your girlfriends looking for coffee and cakes with a European ambiance, you can try Frog Kaffee. Just eat in advance though so you can save money. 

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  1. Hi Barbara, nice to follow your blog and that you enjoyed it with us. Proud you liked the drinks. As to food we have altered almost every single food item in the last month. A enlarged menu with lots of new additions will be promoted soon. Please visit us again and have a try. All the best Markus