Sabado, Marso 19, 2016

New Favorite Show: Younger

Guys! It has been a lllooonng time since I really liked a girly television show. I mean since Gossip Girl and Sex and the City ended!!! Every show that I tried seems really not my cup of tea. I tried Odd Mom Out, Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce, Scream Queens, 2 Broke Girls, but it did not gave me the sense of happiness. I was really into giving up. I am currently stuck to The Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules. But I secretly wish within myself that there will be an awesome show that I like.

Here is the plot:

Younger centers on a suddenly-single New Jersey housewife and mother in her early 40s who, unable to restart her career, decides to lie about her age and successfully passes herself off as a twentysomething. Armed with a makeover and new resume, she wins a coveted position at the city’s hottest publishing company. Pretending to be “younger” doesn’t hurt in the bar scene, either, as guys line up like never before.

I really love the story line. Even though the lead actress is 40 something, I can totally relate to her. Specially to Hilary Duff. It has a lot of stuff going on and can relate to us, the Millenials. 
I think it has the right kind of humor and the storyline is The Devil Wears Prada but with a twist! It has no corny scenes, just the right amount of fun. The location is is New York! What more can I ask for???!!!

I hope you will try it and tell me if you like it too. I am still on Season 1 and I hope my love for this show will still go on till season 2.

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