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A Hidden Gem: Coffee Grounds Coffee Shop

Happy Weekend lovies! If you are looking for some place  to chill and want a little bit of Modern American background theme for your pictures with friends or family, well I've got some good news to tell, Coffee Grounds Coffee Shop maybe for you!

They are actually located at Roxas Extension  so you might be a little bit lost at first. But they have a big COFFEE GROUNDS sign on the building so you can find it.
They have parking space for the customers so it is hassle free.

First Impression, I was amazed by the interiors, I did not expect. It is so charming but modern, just what I want in a coffee shop.

pose like a blogger 

I was lost looking for the coffee shop but at the end of the Roxas Avenue, I saw the building. I have to cross na from Boulevard. Go straight lang talaga.

They also have a guard so you will feel safe and secured.

One of my faves in life a chandelier

mini library

They also have wine and other drinks too! Unique right?

Kaganda ng lalagyan ng water!!!

They also have a second floor to accommodate customers


The food! Let's talk about it! SOooo yyuummy!!!

Chicken was a little bit dry but lagyan lang ng maraming gravy. Pero Yummy parin.

This one captured my heart! The Beef Salpicao. It was oh so creamy, soft and tasty. It's a little bit expensive but it is worth it.

The baby back ribs was unbelievable, and it it their best seller!

The coffee was perfect too!

Hello Dessert! Yum Yum! They are planning to have afternoon tea set and these are a part of it but they did not include it to their menu yet so watch out for that.

If you want to know the menu!

Great Selections!

If you want the second floor all to yourselves, just order atleast P2500 and you can have it exclusive for you and your friends.

Lastly, the service crew was so attentive and accommodating so I loved my stay here at Coffee Grounds Coffee Shop.

So, if you want great coffee, wonderful crew and charming ambiance, come visit Coffee Grounds Coffee Shop!

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