Martes, Abril 5, 2016

My New Fave Coffee Shop: Blooming Days

Hi everyone! 

Looking at the new coffee shop, Blooming Days might be intimidating for us because of the interiors. I agree, it definitely looks expensive. But my mom was in Davao and I want to give her a new experience. We went there around early March and I was amazed.

To be honest, if you are going there, I would like to inform you that the budget you will have should be around P500 for 2 orders already. Almost all of in the menu costs around P200-P250.

I said to myself, its okay we will order a lot because we will just try it once and will never go back.
But when the waiter gave us our orders, I was shocked of how big our orders look! So the prices are worth it for me.

Mom ordered the coffee

I ordered the matcha green tea. Did not even finish it because it was big!!! I remember the prices of the beverage is less than P200..around P150ish...
with my loving mom

having some fun!!! It is her last day so we were a bit emotional.

Ok.. the clubhouse sandwich was soo yummyyyyy and big!!! P250

Korean experience


miss my mom!

Lasagna was bbbiiiggggg.. take out please!!!!

So this one you must try! Its the red bean snow cone. It is like the halo-halo of Korea! Super yummy! But it wasss sssooo biiigggg!!! I even saw Bianca King's instagram eating this when she was in Korea.

The next week, I invited my long time friend Shaine because of how much I love the coffee shop. Look at the sizes of the food. BBIIGGGG!!!

So if you wanna experience a little bit of Korea, then, go to Blooming Days!!! It's a gem!

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