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6 Things I learned from Fitness

First of all, I am not saying that I am a professional fitness blogger but these are the things that I learned along the way. Fitness Journey is all about setting a mindset to achieve something for yourself and for the people around you.

Every body is different, so you may not relate with what I am talking about but this is from my experience.

Braids because its so early in the morning and I don't wash my hair. Why make it boring??

1. Gym Buddy 

I don't believe on having a gym buddy because it sets me away from my goal. More girls, more chikas, more wasted time. But ever since me and my hubby are into Crossfit, having him as my partner and motivator really helps. After the soreness, we massage each other. How sweet, right??

2. It is hard to Spot Reduce

I always tried to spot reduce my saddlebags, or the inner of my thighs but as much as I can research about it, you really cannot lose weight on selected areas even if you do it every damn day. You have to be patient and exercise your whole body, you have to make your own schedule. For example, Mondays for Legs, Wednesday is for Arms and Friday is for Abs. In the middle of that, do cardio.
Just do your best, and on the proper way of clean eating and consistent exercise, your body fat will decrease and the body part that you want to be leaner will happen. Be patient and don't push it fast!

3. Rest Days are Crucial

For the whole month of November 2015, I did not gave myself resting periods. So what happened is that I overtrained myself and I was always so tired.  Make sure to loosen things up a bit by having one or two rest days a week to keep you sane and let your body relax.

4. Prepare, Prepare, prepare

 It is always easier for me if I set my gym outfit at night. I will put my outfit in my sofa and my clothes for changing and other things should be in the gym bag before sleeping. 
Meal Preparation is also a key for success. Although I don't prepare a 7 day meal preparation because I want fresh food, I usually plan my meals for tomorrow the night before and put it in the ref from the freezer, so by morning it is easy to cook.  I also stay away from eating out and now, I am the queen of grocery and wet market. You can see me there twice a week because I always want fruits, vegetables, chicken breasts and lean meats in my freezer. 

I wake up 6 am and I drink my Herbalife shake to keep me energetic for my workout. I also drink 2 glasses of water before heading to the gym. Being able to prepare yourself for the next day can create a wonderful day. Before I go to sleep, I always feel grateful to the Lord for this life.

5. Stalk Instagram Healthy and Fitness #Goalz

If you see my instagram, almost everyone I added are health buffs and fitness addicts. It really motivates me specially the before and after pictures part. It is such a positive impact on me and makes me work harder on my fitness goal. So always check your instagram when you want to exercise.

6. Take Care and Listen to your Body

The biggest thing that keeps me going back to the gym, even on times when I feel to tired, is the one we all experience but only some acknowledge and that's how you feel after a really good work out. I feel proud and I feel driven but more than anything I feel happy, the endorphins kick in like clock work and I hold on to that feeling for the entire evening. It keeps me going time after time just to feel that way again and it’s almost like a little reward for doing something just for you. So, if you feel tired or sore, just have a little break. If you still feel that you can do it, then go for it! Love your body!  Here have some Happy hormones!

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