Lunes, Hunyo 13, 2016

A Scary Ride

Hi everyone! I wanna share what happened yesterday.  It was one of the scariest of my life. Morning came, and we  spontaneously decided to go to our Digos branch for work. We decided to bring our daughter so she will have a new experience in our roadtrip. Everything was fine, we went to a Caltex convenience store to buy food for our trip. I even posted this selfie with my baby love.

While we were in Sta. cruz, we were making chika as usual. Most of the lanes going to Digos are only one lane only so it is very common that almost all private vehicles overtake one another.

While hubby was driving, there was this white car who suddenly honked at us very loud because he overtaked and there was a big truck on his front from the other lane. Hubby as he was a little bit shocked with the honk, gave in and moved a little so the white car can overtake. I remembered hubby said,'magpakamatay man cguro tong driver' and we changed to another topic. While we are nearing Digos, hubby already suspected that this car was following us. But he did not tell me yet. So he tried to be slow and let this car overtake but it won't. Then he tried signaling left even though there was no left turn, the white car also signaled left turn! So he told me. Someone is following us. I was so shocked and omg my anxiety was so high. Then we turned left and went to the gasoline station. The car also stopped! Then when we went the other way, planning to lose the car, it followed us!!! We were so scared. Hubby was calm and looking for ways to let this car not follow us anymore! But I know he was also scared he just want to be strong for me and H. 

So he went the other lane, on the other side/way to our internet cafe. We thought we were safe then we saw the car again! It signaled lights from us and the last thing we   saw is that the car was making a U-turn to follow us again. Hubby decided to go inside a village so we will lose the car. After that, we never saw the car again. We went to the cafe and hubby worked like nothing happened. I stayed in the car to be more vigilant.

The good thing is that the car never followed us again. I was so scared for our safety! Hubby did not know what made the driver of the car angry because he let him overtake. Maybe he thought, before that there was something that irritated the driver and followed us. It was the first time that there was someone who tried to follow us because of road rage. 
We thought maybe he has a gun because the driver was so confident to follow us! Thank God we are safe. 

Heather playing outside the internet cafe.

The scared crew! Haha! Lets all stay safe guys! 
I had a hard time sleeping last night. When I woke up it was the first thing I remembered. Still in trauma with what happened.

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