Martes, Hunyo 28, 2016

Cold Saturday

It was a very cold Saturday and I was feeling like an old soul. Do you remember 10 years ago, that we are all crazy about the Philippine brands Kamiseta, Bayo and Plains and Prints?
Well, this one is from Bayo 8 years ago. My mom bought it for me in Glorietta and it was the first time we went there together in Manila. This cardigan was a little bit expensive. Over P2,000 but I really asked mom to buy it for me because it is so bright and classy. It has been 8 years ago and it is still kept in my closet.

I added a red lipstick for a classy more touch. It is from Mac with the shade of Ruby Woo.
I love it because it is long lasting and has a matte finish. I think every woman has to have this lipstick. If you are anywhere in the Philippines, you can buy this lipstick here:

Click here to buy: 

For other Budget Bargain Finds for Lipsticks:

I super love this Gray Dress from Forever 21. I just folded to make it shorter.

If you want a gray dress similar to me. Please check this out:

Having gold shoes is a must have for me. I can pair it with anything. Nothing hurts if you add a little bit of glitter into your outfit.

Bought mine in Melissa at Gaisano Mall of Davao.

There are different kinds of Gold Shoes. Check this out:

I hope you also love my hairstyle. A simple halo braid that can catch anyone's attention.

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