Sabado, Hunyo 18, 2016

Fathers Day 2016

On every occasion, we celebrate it the day before because we hate traffic, and a full packed restaurant. We also don't like having a hard time finding a parking space specially on Abreeza and SM Lanang. Our 2 favorite malls.

We went out early so that Liam can celebrate Father's Day with us. He usually goes to Karate on Saturdays.

Hubby wants to eat at Blooming Days because they have big servings and yummy at the same time.
If you want my review on Blooming Days, here is the link:

with my bigboy Liam. He was happy to be with us. He also gave his dad a cute and slightly matured letter. 

love you Liam!

proud dad of 2 kids

Keep Smiling Kuya!

with the happy wife and mother
Heather did not smile yet! But I wanted her to see the flowers.

Thanks for being a great dad dada!!!

What are you thinking about, Liam?

Dada's Cravings... 

Good thing we brought Peppa Pig family
Tulala c baby gehl

playing around with his new invention that we taught him. Do you remember this? 90's kids
Can you please smile my madam??

It's time to have a selfie. My top is from Cherryfic Finds
My order: Spaghetti Bolognese

Such a fun toy for a kid..right! I enjoyed this game when I was a kid too!

Buttered Chicken for Liam

Total amount for our orders: P500
We did not order drinks because it can give unnecessary calories.
Water, water, water

I super love my top from Cherryfic Finds
Blooming Days Cafe is so darn cute to have a photo op with my girl
playing with Peppa Pig
Happy lang Walang Ending
A big hug for my dada for being the best dad ever!!!
Yey! Heather is smiling na because she loved the buttered chicken. Cute smile baby H!

We went to Abreeza and we saw this! She always talk about airplane after our trip to Bohol!


My super duper practical gift for my hubby!
New briefs..goodbye bacon briefs.lolz and this simple small 'manly' bag where he can put important stuffs on while he is too busy. Sometimes I get tired when he says, 'pakidala to bi' kay ako lang ang may bag! LOL. Now he has a bag so he has no reason to say that. We are still waiting for the wonder wallet, his wish and my mom bought it in NY.

Right now, we are just chillin' in the house. I finished exercising today, #noexcuses, and will just cook our fave Pork Ribs and french fries for dinner. Simple!

Hope you love our Fathers Day Celebration! :)

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