Biyernes, Hunyo 17, 2016

Heather Ashley's 2nd Birthday

Hi everyone! I just wanna share my daughter's second birthday! We decided not to have a party because she will not remember it yet. Me and hubby just bought her nice toys that she likes! Namely Elsa from Frozen and Peppa Pig Family! 
She also loves to play 'cook' and putting make up on.. so it is natural that she will have her own.
What I lacked when I was a child she will have.

Mama and Papa super duper  excited for her to wake up

She was shocked! She did not know its her birthday..or what does birthday mean??

with Mama the stage mom!

with my loving Papa. 

Elsa looks thin here mommy! Did not like it. LOl But I loved her shoes

Starting to be happy

Yey! I'm not overwhelmed na!! So happy with my Peppa Pig Family! The best birthday gift ever!

Balllooooonnnsss! My fave! 

So happy with my new toys!

Thanks Mama, Papa and Lola Emi

I cooked my famous yummy spaghetti

Sometimes I love to dress up and have a hairstyle, but most of the time I just love to have leggings and shirt, then I don't like my hair.. I have a headache!

I'm hungry.. I wanna eat my spaghetti!

Kuya just came home. He is tired but wants to celebrate with us!

Our simple handa

yyyeeeyyy. Super love my toys!!

Literally, happy family!!!

Alright.. I am eating now. Love you mommy! Yummy spag by the way!

My visitors.. the Cancio's!

I am scared but thank you for coming!!!

I hope you enjoyed our family pics.
I love my family sooo much!
Super proud of them.

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