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I love to TRAVEL...but

We can't deny it. Right now in social media, travelling pictures are one of the most liked and loved. Anyone wants to have a breather in our daily routines. Adventures, and making new memories with family and friends are one of the best highs in our lives. It is also a luxury because we need money to enjoy a new place! Everything should be planned from places to stay, budget in food, entrance fees and transportion.

I love travelling ever since I had my first plane ride. My hubby was the one who was with me in my first plane ride. His dad is a pilot so he had lots of stories to tell me.

Since then, I went to a lot of places already. The best ones are international. HongKong, Macau, Singapore and of course, my dream vacation since High School, New York.

After going to places, I can't figure out why, but I really appreciate my home more than anything. It is there that I feel safe, comfortable, can save a lot of money, and just be myself! 

At the same time, I was traumatized with what happened in our plane ride from Boracay-MNL. The propeller plane went down fast as if it was about to crash! I was with my mom and siblings then! I thought we are all going to die!!!  Mom and I was holding hands while it was happening! My mom looked really calm but she was afraid that time because she was trying to be strong for all of us. Ever since that happened, I became fearful with riding planes specially when it is raining or it is cloudy! Omg turbulence is one of my kryptonites! I wish that I can remove the fear but I still can't.

As a family, me and my hubby decided to have 1 or 2 family trips a year that we like. Hubby wants travelling with luxury so he  can relax! He said that it is important even if he pays more but he wants to not think about anything and just chill. I am the designated planner in everything for our trips. While he is a the designated payor. Lol. I am one of the wanderlust girls who wants to experience lots of things in a place, but when we had our kids, it is important to make them feel safe. Specially in transportation. So we usually pay more in that aspect. 

Also, giving our children, our parents and ourselves a good future is our utmost priority. While everyone is in YOLO mode right now, me and my hubby, who experienced hardships when we were in Highschool and College, are in constantly investing in our future. We are expanding out business because we don't have stable jobs. We pay our bills and insurances. I have a fear that I can't pay if my mom or siblings will get sick. What if my husband? Or my children? It is very much scary to think about. That's why we are working hard for that. Hubby is also scared for his parents. He wants them to live comfortable if his dad will retire. Education for our 2 kids is our priority. Just like our parents, we want them to go to a good school no matter what. As you can see, we have lots of things in our plate. That's why it is very hard to YOLO. I heard a lot of stories that some people did not plan for their future so the last moments of their lives, they were not comfortable specially on their Activities of Daily Living. When I get really sick, when I get old, I don't want to disturb my kids to take care of me. I want to have my own caregiver and a comfortable room. Lol. To dream is to dream! :)

So if it is not business related, I would just rather be in Davao. Everyday, there is a lot of things to do. Specially in my fitness journey. I want to be with my family more than anything. To give them structure, routine and a magical childhood is what I am all about.

Hope you can relate!! 

     Me, tired and no sleep.. going to Bacolod to see my hubby. 

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