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My Fitness Journey

When I was younger, I never worried about my weight. I ate what I want everyday! I love food so much. Me and my siblings do. I am both a sucker for sweets and junk foods, specially chips is one of my fave! Pasta, Chocolate, cakes and fried chicken are my favorite.
When I was in 1st year college, many of my schoolmates in High school said, 'nanaba ka lagi Far', one of my classmates in Ateneo, a guy, even bullied me for it. My then boyfriend defended me because he was being too much, and I was hurt. Anyway, on sembreak, I decided to exercise for 2 weeks and no rice for my diet! #highprotein Everything was protein. I remembered eating Fried Pork Chop like crazy! LOL
When classes started, everyone was amazed by my transformation. But to tell you, I was only 10 lbs. overweight. I was happy. I never had a problem with my weight for my whole college life.

I had my kid Liam when I was 23. It was very easy to lose the baby weight because I was a young mom. I ate what I wanted and never had a problem, but I am quite worried about my cellulite. I am a pear shaped woman so I tend to gain on my legs and hips.

When I was pregnant with Heather, I was 27 years old. I became crazy with sweets. Goldilocks Polvoron , hot chocolate and lots of rice!
I realized that its quite hard to lose the baby weight this time. I was breastfeeding Heather so I took my time. Did not worry about my weight much and just enjoyed Motherhood. When baby H was 6 months old, I started exercising on the treadmill. I was not pressured to lose the weight, coz my hubby thinks I'm beautiful and never criticized me for my weight. From 110 lbs pre-baby, I was over 122 lbs. I am 12 lbs. overweight. I am naturally a confident person, so I never worried about it. What I noticed though is that my arms are bigger and my face is rounder. I can't wear sexy clothes because it is tight! Some friends and family commented about my weight, "Nagtaba ka lagi", well, well, I had 2 kids, please be more understanding. 

I also had a very bad relationship with food. We always eat out and we always go to parties. Almost everyday is cheat day and on the night I drink Biguerlei tea. In the morning I pooped everything I ate and feel good once again! When we eat something really really oily, sometimes I get dizzy.

I also noticed that everyday, I feel sluggish. My hubby is quite an energetic person, and me, I am sleepy in the afternoon and I am always tired. Hubby was going to the gym every morning and work after. Me, in the salon and taking care of my kids and managing my household which is just minimal work is always sluggish. I am very happy with my life, but almost everyday, I ask myself, is this really what aging is? Is this what life is all about??

I decided to start my Fitness Journey on October 30, 2015. I told myself to do it for myself. You have to bring back the old Farah back to life!!!

I exercised like crazy! 2 hours everyday and just ate Broccoli, Corn and cauliflower for carbs, and ate yummy viands still. Started losing the weight and toned up by giving up my favorite of all time. Junk Foods, namely Ruffles and

Everyone noticed my new body..but then December came!! What happened?? I gained everything back! OH no! Then my mom came home and my Kuya Eric and Kuya Ariel visited us and we eat out almost everyday. So there you go, thats me, March 2016 chubby but happy. Confidently beautiful with a heart and flabs. LOL!

In the middle of my moms visit, hubby started to try Herbalife. I am not a believer of anything like that because I believe in plain old clean eating. He loved Herbalife and he gets it from his friend. 
Hubby, as a business minded person, told me to be a member of Herbalife so we can save money by having a discount. 

So I decided to look for a Herbalife member and met this petite young lady, Ma'am Evelyn Esquivel. Omg she's 46 years old and so fit! I was so inspired! She has toned arms which I have a hard time to tone up even though how much I exercise at home. She measured my body fat and it was very crazy. Also my metabolism rate is for a 42 years old already because of yoyo dieting and no proper sleep from taking care of my kids.

From then on, I decided to really focus on my fitness journey. I will make it a part of my lifestyle and I will take charge of my health.

I started drinking Herbalife 2x a day with yummy ulam of course, to keep me sane. Lunch, I eat anything I want but with lesser carbs. I cut sugar in my diet. Which is very hard on the first 3 days. I will talk about that more on another blogpost. I lessened my junk foods. Once a week to keep me sane.

I also started Kayla Itsines Program. I only worked out at home so I can be with Heather all the time. I bought dumbbells, kettle bell, my old yoga mat and ankle weights. We have a nice treadmill in the house and a stationary bike. I worked out for 2 hours a day. It is crazy. Clean eating and exercise! Cheat meals are on Saturday when Eric and I have date night (with Heather of course).

In a week, I noticed a big change! I am toned and my waist got slimmer. My legs (quads) look great, my arms improved. The sluggishness that I felt was gone! I was back to my college self once again. I am more energetic and I don't need a nap in the afternoon. When I wake up, my tummy is very flat! I was so happy! The lower ab fats that I got from my second pregnancy was gone. 

My Bohol pic. I was confident and happy with my body 2 months after taking Herbalife, clean eating and exercise.
my face was slimmer after a month  thanks to Herbalife 

I always am into fitness but life happens. I'd come up with the best excuses. I decided to enjoy exercise and healthier food. I will not invest in more bags, shoes, make up or clothes and focus on my health. Eat the right kids of food. Invest in my body specially that I have kids and I want to be there for them longer. When I saw changes, I felt encouraged and my life turned around. I started to see more of my potential in the fitness industry. 

Be a miracle worker for your own self. Find your own motivation, inspiration and drive within yourself. It is all up to you. It is but a mere choice to desire change, reinvention, and reaching your full potentional. It is never too late. But don't wait a second longer when you've made that choice. Act on that spark. 

I hope I inspired you in any way, and I will be posting more about my fitness journey, some tips and tricks that I learned. I will stay honest and interactive with you guys.

If you want to buy Herbalife products from me, I will give you:

*free coaching
*free exercise guides for 8 weeks
*nutrition guide

No pressure. I also still believe on clean eating and exercise.

Contact me: 09438290087

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