Martes, Hunyo 7, 2016


Hi everyone! Did you miss me? (I guess not,lol). Good news for all of my loyal readers as I am back to regular blogging from now on! I have slightly decided not to blog as much because of my busy life and I was a bit intimidated by how blogging has evolved. 

I'm a bit camera shy towards the new 'vlogging' because:

 1. I have no videocamera HD
2. My english is not good for continuous talking for a llloooonng time. Lets be honest, vlogging is about real life and we talk in tagalog or bisaya.
3. My life is pretty much generally happy with no conflicts and drama whatsoever so you have nothing to see. lol
4. I have no patience of the time downloading on youtube.

With all the the new apps out there, like SNAPCHAT and others, it is very hard to keep up. Call me the vintage blogger who started way back in 2010 just to post my my outfits and to have an online diary for some happy memories of my family and friends. 

I can even imagine that if I die early, (I hope this will not be an apocalyptic vision), that my kids can always see me on these entries and hope that I am always there talking to them just by looking at all my blogsposts. But I hope I will be with them till I get old, of course!

So I decided to just be back to my old self again and just have my online diary and I hope you could follow along. 

I maybe a little bit outdated from bloggers but I just want to share my journey with you guys. Hopefully it can inspire you or maybe just idle watch my blog when you have no other choice. lol!

As we are talking about being outdated, my outfit is 90's inspired!
My mom bought it in Forever 21 SM Lanang, and she did not like the fit so she gave it to me!
Score! Budget Barbara, free stuff baby! The white turtleneck is from Terranova for only P250!
Super love it so I bought 3 colors. Gray, Navy Blue and White.

I also have bad girl fetish! LOl. I can't seem to commit with multiple piercings but I wanted sometimes to have the cute and cool look it gives me.

Bought this one at Claires for only P300 yata. I forgot. It's like Buy 2 get 1 for free yata for P1,000.

Date with my hubby. I was craving for Nachos and he was craving for a yummy clubhouse sandwich. The Frenchbaker's sandwich is the best.

So here is my full make up for my 90's inspired look with no filter but hey, with great lighting!

Hope you could follow my blog!

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