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Top 5 Hair Tools for a Busy Woman

When you fix your hair when you go out, even if you have a simple outfit, it makes you look that you are made up. Truly, a good hair makes a good day. I did not appreciate my hair while growing up. I loved clothes and make up more. But when I had my own salon, I was inspired. If you are a busy mom or a single woman like me, and you don't have time to go to the salon everyday, (I have clients who do), then this blogpost may be helpful for you!

1. Wide toothed Comb

I think everyone knows this secret. Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb when wet. It can prevent split ends and breakage.


I always love Toni Gonzaga's hair. I am so jealous over her hair! It is one of her biggest assets! My mom gave this brush to me. When I tried it.... My hair became glorious!! Volumized, salon inspired hair! It became a must have for me. I always use it. So dependable specially when you style your hair after blow drying it! I promise it is worth it. if you have straight and flat hair like mine, this is a solution for you. You might want to save on it because it costs P999 on Goody brand.


3. Goody Tangle Fix

This brush is a miracle for me! It breaks my heart why it is so expensive. P799! Since I had been using clip extensions when I had my falling hair due to giving birth.. using this brush keeps my clip on extensions very easy to comb. Also now, since my hair is colored and permed, every time I wake up, my hair at the back turns into a birds nest! lolz So this one is really really worth it. I know number 2 and 3 are very much expensive but it is really a game changer for me! 

4. Instant Heat 3/4" Curling Iron

I already tried the smaller size than the 1/4 and the bigger ones from Hot Tools.. but I am more happy with the results with a 3/4 size. The curls look great and it lasts longer specially when you go to special occasions. It is also good on everyday wear. Just dont make it too made up so that it will never look so over. (Thanks Mama once again for the free Conair curling tool.)


5. 3/4 in Ceramic Flat Iron

 I bought this in New York and I am so happy specially when I want super sleek straight hair or I want to have a beachy wave hair.


It can also be used even on wet hair but I am still scared of breakage so I still dry my hair before styling it.

I hope you love my new post!

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