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Budget Beauty: How to have Smooth, Soft and Fairer Underarms

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Today, I am just staying in the house to chill with my family and I thought about sharing my secret to a Smooth, Soft and Fairer Underarms.

I am definitely a naturally mestiza and I did not had problems with my underarms as a teenager. I started with plucking the hair because they said that it is much more nicer than shaving, I also started waxing but I have low pain tolerance (can you imagine me giving birth), I can't even stand threading my eyebrows!

When I became a mom, my underarms became one of my least priority, so I started shaving it. I also use different kinds of deodorants. 

I noticed my underarms got darker and it is very annoying to maintain because when you shave, it grows back faster and the hair becomes thicker. Yucks! LOL but it is the truth. 
My hubby likes a woman to have nice underarms. He doesn't care about my make up, outfits, nails but he quickly notices my underarms and always reminds me to shave it.

So I gave it a chance and started to be more vain about my underarms and it was a success. I want to share it with you.

1. Underarm Laser Removal

Source:  Hairless

Hairless Underarm Laser

I started it last year because I heard it on the radio. Hairless Laser Clinic. I like their style because I don't have to pay a lot for the first session. So no pressure. Most clinics ask for 8 sessions on the first time. So I like it because for only P650 I can try it. They said that you only need 8 sessions to have it permanently removed. On the 2nd-5th sessions, I was a little bit disappointed because the hair still kept on growing, but I noticed that the hair is lesser and thinner. I also did not follow the scheduled time so it took me a year to finish my 8th session. March 2016. After that month, no hair grew in my underams! yey! So it is true!!! My P5,200 is so worth it.

2. Use any Papaya Soap and Safeguard After

When taking a bath, I put on Papaya Soap, or Kojic Soap in my underarms. I will recommend a soap on another blogpost. After rinsing, put Safeguard to prevent bad odor. The papaya soap/kojic soap does not have antibacterial properties so it is best to use safeguard specially that I am avery active person.

3. STOP using Deodorants/Antiperspirants and use MILCU or TAWAS

I am not a doctor or a scientist, but I noticed that using Antiperspirant causes cancer. That is just from the articles that I read and on television. Well don't mind that opinion. That is just me. I am using Milcu for 2 years now. It is mild and it works on me even though I exercise a lot. I think it is one of the reasons why I have fairer underarms now.

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So there you go, that is my secret to Softer, Fairer and Smoother Underarms. So simple and not too complicated.

Soft Smooth and Fairer Underarm
If you wanna see my unfiltered underarms. 

Soft Smooth and Fairer Underarm
Sp proud of my underarms now! LOL hubby is

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