Martes, Agosto 2, 2016

My Digital Perm Experience

Hi everyone!

I just wanna share my digital perm experience. I have a digital perm equipment available in my salon. I am always honest about my readers so today will not be a different time.
All of my pictures have no filter too. :)

First off, I am using products from Cynos. My Digital Perm Perming Solution has argan oil on it so it will not make your hair dry like the ordinary hair perm. We also have Hair Perming for only P400.

How much does Digital Perm Costs at my Salon?

P2,000 any length

If you want to know the specifics on our Digital Perm, you can check it out here.

It took us 3 hours to finish our digital perm. Tanya, my hairdresser was so excited on how my hair will turn out. I was quite worried that I will have dry hair because just a month ago from having my digital perm, I just colored my hair and had some highlights to add some definition to my hair so I was a little bit scared because I bleached and now perm for just a little bit amount of time.

So here is the result of my digital perm. I super love it. New look and I don't have to curl my hair anymore. I was so happy with the result. 

 This was my hair on the 3rd day from having it done. I look so fresh. Although I was a little bit worried on how to style it. I am a very on-the-go girl and I don't wanna waste my precious time styling my hair. With Digital Perm I need a lot of products.

Curling Mousse
Intensive Repair Shampoo
Intensive Repair Conditioner
Vitresse Hair Gloss
Once a Week Hair Mask. (I can suggest Argan Oil)

Digital Perm gave volume to my hair that I never experienced on any product. I am so sick of my straight and flat hair. I super love my curl here I just put on my curling mousse.

 My hair was very curly here because I braided the front sides of my hair  and viola! Curl Curl Curl

One of the disadvantages of digital Perm in my experience are:

-takes time to style it if you wanna achieve the Korean look
-How to comb it? Do I have to finger comb, or wide toothed comb? If I comb it too much the curls will lessen.

I super love my hair here, it seems like I have beachy waves and I feel so pretty

If you want to know how to style Digital Perm:

Styling your Digital perm

Blow Dry Routine for Digital Perm

Because of the dryness and I have a hard time maintaning my perm, I decided to cut 2 inches of my hair. I am a busy mom and I just can't do the styling daily.
Everyday I put on the intensive shampoo and  conditioner  and also put argan oil everyday and now my hair is very manageable. My curls are bigger and I super love it! The volume and the curl makes me happy and pretty.

My digital Perm are bigger and more effortless. May I tell you that I did not put anything on the last 3 pictures. They just look that way and I love it. Now I am able to manage it properly and I don't overstyle it. There are other days that it is more curled, other days not much. It depends. 
Take Note: My hair is naturally super straight so this review is for my type of hair only.

If you want to have an appointment about Digital Perm in Davao, just message me on facebook or text me with this number: 09438290087

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