Martes, Hulyo 19, 2016

Just Happy

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Hi everyone!

I am turning 30 this Friday. I could not be any happier. I have a wonderful husband, 2 healthy and adorable kids and mom and my siblings as my bestfriends. In my career aspect, I took a step back and making my husband shine in that area. It was a hard decision for me because I always wanted to be a CEO of my own business. I can always imagine myself like Anne Hathaway in the movie The Intern, but we got lucky on his career more. Although I am happy with my salon business, and helping him on his business, which is doing very well. 
It is a very nice decision because I get to be with my children as much as I want to and can focus on my passions at the same time. Everyday I feel that I am so blessed to have this kind of life. It feels like I am dreaming. I am very contented with everything in my life right now. I think that is the biggest secret. Always be grateful and you will be more blessed more than you could ever have.

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I also have some bad days but I always think positive and my family always make it a point to be there for me as much as they can. I had learned a lot in my entire 30 years existence. Everything happened the way it should be. 
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If my kids will get bigger and they will have their own lives, Maybe my dream to be a CEO will happen. But right now I am enjoying every experience with my family. 
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On this blogging thing, I am just doing it as a diary and as an online expression on what I love. I just love sharing experiences and beauty secrets since I was in High School. So might as well share it all over the internet for a bigger audience. I am a genuine blogger and I am not here for the money but for passion. 

For my outfit
Top - Kristine's Collection P150
Shorts - Bacolod Tiangge P350
Gray Cardigan P350 Uyanguren DCLA
Shoes - Sneakers Avenue
Bag - Busy Basha on Facebook

 I really love my outfit. It is sporty cute.

Get my look here: 

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Me and Cherry met up in the afternoon. We watched Tarzan and went shopping. Super fun!

Hope you love my post!

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