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Hi ladies! 

I am turning 30 in a few days from now. I feel empowered, strong and happy.
In the recent months, I realized a lot of things and one of them are empowering women. 
I am so tired of some women trying to pull each other down. I believe we should all help one another in our own little ways and understand each other as much as we can.

Don't compete with other women but only compete with yourself. Always look for something to improve, like new skills, hobby, pursue your passion, have a more healthier lifestyle, call somebody..anything that makes you feel good about yourself! We all have insecurities but don't let it get to you.
We all have different destiny. So make sure you always make the right choice. We only live once!

I decided to have Women I'm Inspired Wednesday because I love reading about other people's lives and how I can compare myself to them and to what way I can improve as a person. I also want to share to my readers so that YOU will also be inspired by them in any way.
They are different kinds of women in all walks of life. I may not write every Wednesday but for sure I will write as much as I can. Maybe I can promise twice a month??

First on the list is Lauren Conrad. She is number one on my list.

I loved her show The Hills. I started watching when I was in College and I like the way she handled fashion school, friendship, career and boys. It was the perfect time in college because I also am dealing with all of it except that I am taking Nursing. I always loved fashion and I love looking at her fashion adventures. She started reality TV in 2004 and became one of the lead casts. But her fame got even bigger on The Hills because many girls can relate to her.
On May 2009, she left the show realizing it was too much for her. She wanted to escape reality TV and concentrate on other areas which are being a fashion designer and author.

{Photo Source: Lauren}

She wrote a book entitled LA Candy and it was a bestseller. It was inspired by her life. 

She then wrote an LA Candy Series: 
The Fame Game

She also wrote a book about beauty, entitled,  LAUREN CONRAD BEAUTY
Another book about her sense of style: LAUREN CONRAD STYLE

Lauren's latest book talks about her ideas on decorating on celebrating special occassions in a super elegant and cute way: LAUREN CONRAD CELEBRATE

Woah! She's truly is an awesome girl, right? She also collaborated with KOHL's and established  being a fashion designer. Lauren has her own clothing line. Since it took off, she is now designing everything from accessories, shoes and even beddings and curtains!

Since she really can't design everything herself because she has a boss, she started her own clothing line named PAPER CROWN. It's more for wedding dresses and casual dressed that she started with her bestfriend.

Lauren also has another business named  THE LITTLE MARKET to help artistic women around the world to sell their products thru her fans. She is able to help other women and at the same time she can have profit from it too. She also has a partner friend to help her in the business.

I also am very happy with her love life. She married William Tell, a lawyer and a guitarist. They are perfect for each other. I am just wondering that he is really a confident guy because of Lauren's success. Some guys have egos and insecurities and it does not sit them well if their partner is much more succesful than them.  I am quite sad because she doesnt share more about her lovelife or her baby plans. She is focusing on her career righ now.

Lauren also has a blog! Check her blog and you will learn a lot thru so many inspiring articles.

Lauren is lovely and literally a very inspiring woman. She is very talented on her own right and I am always inspired by her. I love how her career flourished even though she left reality TV. 

You can follow her on INSTAGRAM:laurenconrad
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