Biyernes, Agosto 19, 2016

A Day in Panabo

Hi everyone!

Since I don't like dealing with the traffic and lots of people surrounding me in our city, we decided to go to Panabo for fun.

The very reason that we came because one of my readers, Jinky bought Heather's clothes from me and she also wanted to give me Hubby's certificate Life Plan in St. Peters. That's what I love about the internet. Along the way you will meet people and you can establish connections. Thanks Jinky!

 Hubby decided that we should go bowling and eat at Sito's so we will not waste our time just going to Panabo.

We got disappointed because the Ultrabowl is under renovation but we saw Panabo's playground and we decided to just have fun and what is more fun than free family bonding???

Balloon for Heather and Liam!

I love my outfit from Cherryfic Finds

/bag - Aldo/ shoes - Primadonna/

We are glad that we came! Liam and Heather are so happy.

I hope we were able to help you Manong!

Happy kiddos

They love the dirty ice cream!
Enjoying the kids in US!

Yummy Sitos!

Hubby's favorite lumpia

Super yummy sisig! OMG I drank Coke. Too good to resist

Kare Kare

Chicken Barbeque

We are happy that they enjoyed the simple things in life! I told Liam that what we did was just like our happy memories when we were young! He really loved the experience. Heather had a meltdown when we were going in the car because she did not want to leave the playground! LOL. I just love our family memories like this. I hope when they grow up they can look at my blog and be happy with our moments!

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