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Babe Time

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Hi everyone! Did you watch How to be Yours by Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson?
I usually don't like Gerald but since its Bea, we watched it and I must say that I love it. Also, there is no third party involved. Something new in a Filipino movie.
Super nakakarelate because its about:

Choice A: Love over Career
Choice B: Career over love

It might be so obvious that I chose Love over Career. I love my family so much and it is my priority.
Even though my hubby chose Love also but since we are all his dependents, in some time of our relationship he chose Career over love. He makes it a point to have time for us, but his career is really his top priority because it is a growing business. It has been years of ups and downs for us just like in the movie. In the early years, there was a time that I felt neglegted by him because he loves his business so much and of course he has to work for us so he can give us a better future.
I understand him but also just like Gerald, I am human too and I also have needs. Sometimes when he is too busy I also break down because I need some BABE TIME. 
Fast Forward 9 years after and now I understand because everything is on its place and we could not be any happier. Business is doing good and he has more time with me than ever. He found better software to have easier way to check his internet cafes. 
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Yung sinabi ni Gerald nung nag break na cla.. 'Maybe you can see me after you reach your dream.' I also felt that. Now that he is happy with his career he can see me more than we had since having a baby. Everything was for our future and also he is also thinking about his parents. He wants to give them a comfortable life, including my mom.
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/Top - Gaisano Mall Department store P225 / Pants - Cherryfic Finds/ Jacket - F21 /Shades - Sunglasses/

I am so lucky to have him because he is so loving and caring person. The pain, the tears and all our sacrifices gave us a positive relationship. We can prove it that we will always be there for each other no matter what. With the help of God, I hope our business will continue to soar so that we can provide for our family.

In addition to that, it is also very important to have a thing going on with your life. Even though hubby can provide for me, I still wanted to have my own business because I don't want to truly focus on him 100% because I will be a jealous girl and I will just be a negative person.  Just like Gerald, he quit his job to focus on Bea and their relationship, so what happened is that he focused on the negative things that she did because he is becoming insecure. When he finally had a job, he was back to his confident self again. 

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Before watching, we ate our yummy lunch at Bonchon
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I was driving for him because he was too busy he kept working while in the car. I am also in the time of my life that I accepted him for who he is and he is very passionate with his career and now I am also very happy with my life being his wife, mother of our kids, balancing my salon and helping him with his business, and also being a blogger. :) Just happy and Positive.

Well, that's about it. Important tlga ang Babe Time. Kaya dapat always mo binibigyan ng panahon ang relasyon.

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