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It's not too late to start your Fitness Journey

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I WAS NEVER A SPORTY PERSON. When I was young, I had longed for the day I can wear make up, and I can buy clothes that I really like. I am obsessed with fashion. I love looking at magazines. I always wanted to work in Cosmopolitan because I love writing about all of it.

I am strong person inside, due to what happened in my life. If you meet me, all of my friends will say I am a strong person, that is because I have to. But outside physically, I am so weak. Sometimes I can't even open a jar or even open a wrapper! uuggghh. When I run or take the stairs, I gasp for air. I always blamed my age or because I gave birth to 2 kids. I have come to think of it that it is me and that is all I can be. I thought that because I am a mom and a career woman, I can never go back to being at my prime. I thought this was it. My journey will just be getting older and I will love and accept my body the way it is. I was wrong.

When I met my husband, he is a very sporty person. He loves all the benefits it gives him. The strength, discipline, agility, stamina, sportsmanship and etc. It is fun fun fun for him and he can also meet a lot of new friends. I was just listening with his stories, and I never thought that I would crave for all that stuff.

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When I started my fitness journey last October 31, 2015, I never expected that I will love everything about it. I am stronger than before. I am back to the way I was when I was younger. Energized and have a more zest in life. I know I can do anything that I put my mind into it. I can be limitless if I wanted myself and believe myself to be. I thought I can never do what I am doing now and I am improving daily. It is an awesome feeling the endorphins it gives me. I am more happy with my life than ever before. I've been sleeping like a baby, not craving crap food (does popcorn from Chef Tony count?) and training better than I have in years. I am more focused and finally have momentum.

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Fall in love with the process and the results will come easy. You will love the euphoria after a good session, maybe just in your house or at the gym, the cardiovascular benefits and the empowerment I get from it. I love pushing myself to the limits, watching myself get faster, feeling myself getting stronger. I love when my mind and body tell me they want to quit and I still push through. I love the satisfaction and the feeling of accomplishment when I am finished. It is important to challenge yourself and set goals that you want to smash. It creates a great body and positive mental effects.

Don't think that your on your 40's or your 50's that you can't do it. Start a simple walk in the neighborhood and start eating better and improve yourself. It is never too late to start your fitness journey. Fitness is limitless. Everybody is welcome. 

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