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Tips on Starting a clothing business.jpg

Tips on Starting a clothing business.jpg
/Barbie Blouse - Cherryfic Finds/ Shades - Sunnies/ Pants - Cotton On/ Shoes - Nike/ Bag-  Victoria Secret/
Tips on Starting a clothing business.jpg
Tips on Starting a clothing business.jpg

Tips on Starting a clothing business.jpg

By looking at my cute Barbie top, I surely miss my clothing store, Budget Barbie PH! I super love Barbie and Disney Princesses when I was young, and when I started my business, obviously, I'm gonna name it Budget Barbie because I am an Ukay2 queen and Uyanguren Princess when I was still single with no budget for new clothes!

I miss buying my stocks, talking to my customers, knowing the new trends. But there was also disadvantages on having a clothing store that let me decide on why I stopped.

1. I had problems with my the owner of my stall because they keep following what I am selling because I was doing good.

2. Doing  inventories took so much of my time because there were lots of sandals and clothes to count every week.

3. Some of the trendy clothes that I sell were hard to sell because Davao fashionistas were not ready for that kind of fashion. Most of my customers are still conservative so I was forced to sell basic stuff which I was not there for. I want to sell the latest and fashionable finds.

4. The stalls on the first floor had renewed their contract and they promised us that it will just be temporary. I mean, how can you maximize our sales when there are a lot of sellers downstairs??

5. It was also very unglamorous. Don't you think that it is such a fun business? The hard part is I have to carry my stocks from 1st floor to 2nd floor and it was always heavy! Makasira tlga ng beauty! I was very hands on! I only have one worker so it always has to be me to get the stocks on my store!

6. My husband was not happy anymore because I was always busy with my clothing store.

Anyway, I decided to go to close my VP branch and just have my Damosa branch. The sad thing is that they took out our place because the NCCC grocery store changed location and they will renovate our place into Damosaland office. So in short, I have to close!

It was supposed to be fun and exciting because I live for clothes!

I guess it was not meant to be and I have to look for another ventures. Now, I have my salon, internet cafe and Herbalife and I am loving every minute of it.

I just remembered everything about my clothing store because when I have lots of buyers on Herbalife, I remember the thrill and the feeling of fulfillment whenever I create a sale! yeeeeyyyy!!!! Yung mga naiwan na stocks binenta ko sa Panacan branch na internet cafe just outside. Because it was Xmas, I created a lot of sales and yun sa mga natira, dinonate ko.

I hope you love my post and I hope you learn that starting a clothing business has ups and downs! I learned a lot and made me a better person. Until now, I still get asked if I have a clothing store because they loved it and now you know why! Sometimes you have to know what you got to do.

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