Lunes, Setyembre 26, 2016


Last two months, I noticed that my thirst for shopping is pretty much elevated. Of course as the secret psychiatrist in me, I diagnosed myself as 'I missed-my -sister-syndrome' lol. WHATEVER.
I know how to stop myself of course and I only buy for my kids and gym clothes but still, I get scared because money is money. I feel that I miss having my family around. My sister is always there for me no matter what and her husband is also my bestfriend so I lost 2 best friends. I miss my pamangkin Olivia too. 

Although I am used to not having my mom physically because she went to New York when I was in 2nd yr highschool and my brother went to work in Manila when he graduated. So, all of my adult life my sister was there by my side. Except for her 2 years time in Jeddah. When she went home we were inseperable and we became closer than ever. That is why there is really an empty space in my heart. I am very happy with my own family but there is really a part of me that miss the three of them so much. Sometimes I feel I am alone and I am afraid for the Christmas Season because I will remember them.

I never wanted to be a hoarder. I mean did you see the show? I never wanted to be that kind of person. Who can't let go of things.
I decided to stand up and do something for this emptiness. I decided to attend crossfit and I became much more happier person. I decided to give some of my stuffs to the people close to me to make room for my new clothes. I am very much happy and felt relieved. So indeed this quest for MINIMALISM is in my goal next year. I need to let go of some stuffs that I don't use or I don't like anymore.

Today, I decided to clean and organize my sister's house. That was the house we grew up in. It is very hard to let go some of our stuffs but I admit, it is very much therapeutic. The old clothes, yearbook, awards etc. etc. was very heartwarming to look at again. With all the runny nose because of the dusts and very dirty house, my heart is really happy knowing its time to let it go.

I am starting anew and removing the things that we don't need. It feels really good that it is finished. Very happy to throw almost everything. Except for my mom's CHINA CERAMIC KITCHEN THINGS of course. I am preparing the house to have it rented. It is my responsibility to fix everything because I am the only one in the family here. I also can't ask Eric for help because it is not his home and he has a lot on his plate.


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