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My Secret to treating my Pimples

How I Treat pimples.jpg

 How I Treat pimples.jpg

Hi everyone!

Do you have problems with your face such as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and big pores?
Well, you are not the only one. I also suffer from occassional pimples specially when I am menstruating. I stopped taking birth control for almost a year now so my hormones are pretty much normal so I get it every month.

If you have a stubborn problem with pimples and you want it to be removed, I suggest, ACNE SURGERY. It might be slightly expensive, but I promise you, all of your pimples will be gone in 2-3 weeks.

I am a major fan of Mediskin, I only go to them because I trust them, I also had Acne Surgery when I had a problem with my pimples when I stopped taking pills and my hormones were wacked like crazy. It was a very good experience it was painful and I can't go out in 2 weeks because of the scars, but afterwards, every pimples I had was gone.

If you just want to maintain your face like mine, here are what I am using for 4 years now and it always work for me. I have normal to oily skin.

Before putting all these stuffs, I use Ivory for washing my face.

1, CLINDASOL - It's for your pimples and I use it twice a week if  I have pimples.

2. MEDISKIN CLARIFYING ASTRINGENT - After washing my face with Ivory, I clean and tone my skin with this one.

3. REPARATIVE NIGHT CREAM - This one is a THUMBS UP! It removes wrinkles, peels my skin that gives a shiny and 'just got into my derma' look. It also dries up my pimples really fast. I put on my whole face twice or thrice a week or everyday if I have lots of pimples.

4. TRIBIOTIC TREATMENT - If you have wounds on your face or whitish or reddish pus that is swelling and looking so gross, I put it directly on the pimple to treat the bacteria. It really helps!

5. ORODERM TOGS - When I can see that there are 'pimples in the making' LOL,  I use this one for washing my face because this is antibacterial soap. I like this product althought it is from Oroderm. You can use this three times a week because it can be drying and I don't like that.

If you are gonna ask me, Have you tried Dr. Alvin, Beauche, or SOE, no I can't because I am sensitive to Kojic Acid Soap.

All of these are highly recommended and they are safe and very effective to me and my sister. Ask for a dermatologist in Mediskin if you want guidance. My fave is Dr. Palacios. She is in Victoria Plaza in the morning and Abreeza around 3 pm.

Hope I am able to help you!

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