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The Perfect Boyfriend Jeans

Hi everyone! Sorry for being so M.I.A. I was upset while doing this post 2 weeks ago because it was actually deleted on my blogger app. When I write something, and it will be deleted, your thought process will never be the same. But I guess I really have to move on and try to make this one again.

It is a hard thing for me to find the perfect boyfriend jeans because I have a pear shaped body, I was always told that wearing  darker jeans is a must for my body type. The problem with boyfriend jeans is that I am always loving the super light washed jeans with lots of stitches and holes in it. I tried looking at Mango, Stradivarius and Zara but I could not find the perfect boyfriend jeans for me. It makes me look bigger.
I was so happy when I found the perfect boyfriend jeans at Cherryfic finds. What is so great about it is that it is on sale for only P500. That is why you better grab some boyfriend jeans asap!!! 

I super love this look because I look cooler than what I really am! 
When you are a busy mom, sometimes it is hard to look put-together and I love it when I have clothes that makes me confident as a woman.

The top I have is from my mom. it has been with me for 6 years already. The camo vest is from Forever 21 three years ago.

I like it that I am more confident now with wearing any kind of clothes because of being more aware with healthier choices with food and doing crossfit five times a week. It makes me feel like I am a super woman.

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