Sabado, Setyembre 24, 2016

Turtleneck Fever


/ Top - Terranova (from last year, buy 1 get 50% off for the second) / CHANEL BAG/Pants - Cherryfic Finds/ Shoes - Melissa (got it on Sale)/


Hi babes!

I had a good time last Wednesday because I went to the gym, had lunch with my instagram hubby then Cherry and Raiza invited me to a spontaneous coffee date! So I decided to come and had a blast! A different time from my usual gym-house-salon-family routine.

We went to Frog Kaffee and we had a marvelous time with the people there. I even saw Aisa Seguerra and our Councilor batchmate in Assumption April Dayap and Shehan. 

When I went home, my hubby had a slight meltdown regarding his business and I became calm and helped him with it and he was fine. Sometimes I feel like he is my eldest child. LOL. He is such a  perfectionist regarding his business so I should always watch out for my workload so he will always be happy. 

When we ahd our family time, I told him he should just relax everytime there are problems so he said he can't change who he is and I understand him because he is our breadwinner. He is super patient in regards to family and life problems but when it comes to his business he is a beast! haha

By the way, don't you love my outfit? It is fall in other countries and I got inspired with their looks and decided to have my own tropical fall outfit. lol I think it does not make any sense. I bought the turtleneck in Terranova and it is really a good material so stretchy. I have it in 3 colors because it was so inexpensive! P299. I got it in Gray, Navy Blue and White!

I hope you have a good day and hope you like my new post!

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