Sabado, Oktubre 22, 2016

How to have extra ENERGY BOOST

Hello Hello Everyone! Miss me? I am very addicted to fitness lately and I was spending some awesome time with my kids that I put my blog in the trash bin! LOL 

But no worries because I also started vlogging. It is so raw and honest so its a must watch for my readers! 

Anyway, after our workout, me and hubby hiked in GSIS the one with the uphill so that it will be a challenge. Would you believe it was very hot and we still managed to finish our goal. These pictures was 2 months ago! 

I have a secret with this and it is Hebalife N-R-G. It is a a natural raw guarana that gives us an extra boost during exercise. We drink it once a day and my mentor take it twice a day! Imagine while doing your workout you will feel like a BEAST! I super love the effect on me so that I can achieve all the challenges Crossfit takes me. 

I am drinking water here but I am always drinking the famouse Herbalife Tea Concentrate the Fat burner and also an energy booster. But if you are hitting the gym, I suggest you take N-R-G. Also if you ever have a long and busy day this will also help you.

If you want to know more about the N-R-G. Please don't hesitate to contact me. 

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