Martes, Nobyembre 8, 2016

12 Random Facts About Me

Hello everyone! I'm back again!

I just want to share some random Facts About Me so you could get to know me more! 

1.I always wear GRANNY  or avon cotton made panties because I am allergic to other cloths. I only wear sexy panties when I get intimate with my husband and that's about 5 minutes tops. LOL. Comfort is the key. I always get UTI if I wear lace or other cloths. #sadlife

2.I am always guilty everytime I leave my children. I always think about them everytime I go away. So all of my plans to go out must be planned. I always enjoy being with them.

3. I am addicted to Criminal Investigation Channel and Investigation Discovery. I always am very curious on why people decide to kill. I am also addicted to Real Housewives Franchise. I crave for drama between girls. I don't have one in real life so I guess I wanted to see other people fight over petty and girly things. LOL

4. I am  weak in Math but I do my best and study. In real life I always use the calculator. So goodbye Algebra, Trigonometry and Statistics! lol 

5.I am a very FAIR and level headed person, so if you betray my trust or if you are bad towards me, I will push you away from me. I can forgive but I can not forget. #trustissues

6. I super love Disney Princesses. I love Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Jasmine and Little Mermaid. I collect cute stuffs and I try to make Heather love it too but she doesnt she loves Frozen.

7. I am scared of Death specially to my immediate family. (Eric, Mama Emi, Kuya Eric, Ate Apple, Liam, Heather) That's why I always give them lots of hugs, kisses and I love you's.

8. I have a secret. Of all the good things that happenned in my life, I always think positive and I always tell it to myself, or write what I want to happen in my life. Almost all my goals come true. I did not read the book 'The Secret' but I read little parts. So don't be a pessimist. Do your part on making your dreams come true. Always invite all your positive goals in your mind. 

9. I do believe in Soulmates. Eric Zamora is my soulmate. I don't have to write it down. But so many things happened in my life that made and proved him to be.

10. I love to travel but I get anxiety thinking about my future too. I want routine and stability. Me and my hubby are more 'Everyday is like a vacation' than 'we must have a vacation away from our real life'. Although we are planning to travel the world at the right time. (once to twice a year is enough)

11. I don't have any experience in any sports. We did not have a budget for it when I was young to pursue some sporty skills. I'm glad that I started Crossfit. It's my new sport and I am planning to be better at it.

12. I am a safety freak. I always call my husband, or yaya if my kids are okay. I don't like riding rollercoasters and other scary stuffs like skydiving. Haha! Life is so short so its better to be safe. I wanna grow old with my loves. There are other adventures that is fun and safe at the same time.

So that's 12 random facts about me. I hope you enjoyed and I hope you can relate. 

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