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Park Inn Radisson Davao Welcomes the Christmas Season

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Hello darlings!
Last Friday, Davao Bloggers got invited by Park Inn Radisson Davao to welcome the Christmas season by turning the lights up of their wonderful Christmas tree.

park Inn Radisson Christmas Tree 2016.jpg

It was an exciting feeling going there because I really love the Christmas Season and the joy it brings to everyone.

budgetbarbara bohemian dress.jpg

I decided to wear this simple dress from Almost Famous brand given by my mom. The outfit is definitely not my style this days. But sometimes I wanna look different. This outfit screams girly and chic. I put on my classic Chanel ,curled my hair, and put on my gold Melissa Flats. 

park Inn Radisson Christmas Tree 2016.jpg

There were different kinds of guests that day and we enjoyed every minute of it. I like the program because it was just fast and direct to the point.

Park Inn Radisson Davao food.jpg

The food was absolutely amazing and I ate a lot. Special mention to the burger and nachos! Yum!


with the Davao Bloggers

Advance Merry Christmas Everyone!

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