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Creating Opportunities

Hello Everyone!

Here I am in mommy looking mode. Sometimes I wanna look like a serious looking mom/sexy librarian. 

I had a date with my son today. We went to the piano recital of Eric's tita since she is a great piano teacher. I told her about Liam's interest on music specially piano and she was excited about it.
Tita Menchie told me that Liam has to attend the recital first so he can really decide if he is really interested on playing the piano.

Do you know that my grandfather named Faro, is a famous pianist? So as a mom, I was so excited that Liam wants to play the piano! Hopefully its really in the blood because in the Zamora's blood some of Eric's relatives knows how to play the piano. Specially Tita Menchie who is really good and a famous teacher at that!

/ top - given by ny mom/ shoes - Michael Kors / blazer - budgetbarbie ph (my old clothing line) / glasses - Saizen/

I  had a big reflection on how excited I am to create opportunities for Liam and Heather. I came from an average-income family so we did not have any budget for extra lessons like swimming or music lessons. I want them to be good on atleast 2 musical instruments and 2 kinds of sports. I think that would be a great combination and skill in life. I did not have that opportunity so I want to be the stage mom. I don't want also to be to strict on them, I also want them to enjoy the experience. I will let them decide on what they really want to pursue. Parents are just instruments on their life. It is on us, to make them successful in life. I have big dreams for them. I want them to be awesome, good and humble people when they grow up.

I introduced him to basketball last summer but he said was not that interested unlike swimming and karate.

Right now, me and Liam decided that he will be doing Swimming and Karate in sports, then Piano and guitar in music.

On Heather, I can't decide yet because she is too young and I am just learning more about her everyday!

I am so proud of Liam on what he is and we will have this adventure in the world together. It's gonna be a wild ride Liam but mommy will always be there by your side.
Love you so much Liam!


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