Lunes, Disyembre 19, 2016


Hello Lovies!!!

I just wanna share what happened to me last week. Cherry and I planned on having our girls date that day and she spontaneously told me that I will be her model for Maayong Buntag Mindanao. It will show different outfits for mommies during the Chrismas season. I instantly said YES because I always wanted exposure for my blog and for my salon.

I only brought a pair of black heels, no bra and just my make up kit. I have a gym session planned so I still went. I had gym ratty hair after that. I decided to go to SVS salon because I love their signature blowdry.

I had fun with my hairstylist. After doing my hair, I decided to do my make up. While I quickly stand up, viola! My new iphone 6 fell and it crrraacckkkeedddd! Super sad about it. I was sooo anxious I decided to call my husband! Imagine how soulmates we are and he told me that he was also in Gaisano Mall!!! I did not tell him I was there because we were both bbuusssyyy!!! 
So he quickly went to me and saw how bad my new phone looked! I was so sad but I was also very anxious about my shoot with ABS CBN. I said to myself, you can't let it get to you, Farah!!! He accompanied me in the apple store and GUESS WHAT? P10,600 FOR THE NEW LCDDDDD!!!

I did not want to ask my hubby for money, I decided to pay for it on my own because it was my fault!! I was so sad because I really want to save money this Christmas season!!!

We decided to part ways after that and I went to Victoria Plaza for the shoot and it was SUPER TRAFFIC!! I was feeling really tired that moment and as a taxi did not let me in on my way, the other car on the other WAY can't go forward because OF ME!!! I was one of the cause of traffic. The driver went out of his car and decided to shout at me on what I have to do! But still I can't move because there are cars behind me already and I can't turn around. I was really apathetic when he was shouting at me because nothing else is much more sadder than paying P10,600!!!

Dress - Cherryfic Finds

After that, I have to continue my day and still continue the shoot even though I was traumatized by a stranger shouting on me and me being so tired, no time to eat and have to pay the moonnneeeeeyyyy for my LCD. I went to a cellphone shop in Victoria Plaza and they told me that to change the LCD is only for P3,800 for them. So that is reallly another painful bad news because I was scammed by the apple store. OMG.

After the shoot, me and Cherry ate at our favorite Bigbys and gave her my xmas gift! Sorry for the wet dress, the water I drank fell on my dress! OOOHHH what a beautiful day isnt it?? LOL

I just am so proud of myself that I still came out fine after a terrible day. As they said, "You are having a bad day, not a bad life", So cheers to that!!!

with my pretty friend Cherry

eating timmmeee


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