Lunes, Disyembre 5, 2016


Hi Everyone!

I was about to post these pictures last week to thank my hubby on how much he is taking care of his health for himself and for us his family.  He is our SUPERMAN and he does so many things to everyone around him specially to us. He takes down his pride and ego so he could earn money and works long hours just to get to where he is now.  He gives his all to us and I am so happy that I chose him as my hubby.

We started Crossfit last June and we became addicted to fitness. Specially him, he works out almost 2 hours a day from Monday to Friday and he is not eating rice anymore. He now eats vegetables (which is so not him) because he said kelangan na coz he is getting older. He stopped his sweets addiction and just eat fruits for dessert. He drinks his vitamins everyday, Herbalife shake every morning and also protein supplements to gain more muscle.  Anything he is doing he puts his heart and soul into it. Sometimes I get angry because of his passion but there are things that I let go and I let him be because I love him. I'm glad that he is addicted to health and fitness.

I always tell him to not workout as much as he is doing because he has a lot of work after and he might get exhausted. But he won't budge he doesnt follow his nurse, so last friday, we had a tiring workout and after that we did lots of work and errands. He was so tired of doing everything and after that he still insisted on playing basketball and have a night of fun with his basketball buddies. In the end, he slept late and now he is still sick. He has flu till now. It is his 4th day of being sick.

So to my SUPERMAN, GET WELL SOON BABE. I am always here to take care of you.

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