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Doomsday Prepper

Are you prepared on what might happen?

Guys.. Philvocs Released Feb 24 to Mar 8 expected for the big one.. Prepare lang mo daan ug Life Pack.. 1. Medicine - for fever, Ubo, Sipon, Kalibanga, Suka, Anti-biotic 2. Pito and Flash 3. 1st Aid Kit 4. Biscuit & White Rabbit (candies) 5. Bottled Water 500ML na dili makita 6. Kumot na mafold 7. 3 shirts / Sanina isulod daan. Go north.. or Eden... ayaw sa Shrine.. prone sa land slide.. again mao lang gyud na akong maingon sa inyo.. pag isa isa lang mo ug life pack daan para sa inyong mga anak.. Flash light na not battery operated.. BREAKING NEWS : DAVAO CITY POSSIBLENG MAIGO SA MAGNITUDE 7 NGA LINOG! (IN JESUS NAME!) Gibutyag sa Philippine Institute of volcanology and seismology (Philvocs) ngaposibleng makasinati ang dakbayan sa Davao ug mga kasikbit nga lugar sa peligro sa major earth quake na moabot sa magnitude 7 o mas taas pa. Pa kini nadiskobrehan sa Philvocs ang mga liki-liki sa yuta sa MATI CITY sa Davao Oriental lakip na ang uban bahin sa COMPOSTELA VALLEY province.Ginabana-banaang moasbotr ngato sa 320-kilometers nga fault-line :SURIGAO -MATI FAULT-LINE. giPahimangnoan kron sa Philvocs ang publiko sa posibleng paghapak sa linog sa MONKAYO , lakip na DAVAO CITY.

As I received this message from my friends on facebook, I can't help but wonder on what will happen to my family, our business and the things that we built for 10 years. The maternal instinct in me is giving me anxiety. There is no harm in preparing. Always be a girl scout, they say. Nothing wrong with just dealing with everything, specially the 2 earthquakes that happenned yesterday.

I feel sad thinking about what will happen to us, how will we recover? Where will we stay?
I don't care about the material things as long as we are all safe and alive.

God knows the desires of our heart, and I know the earthquake will not come here.
But because of the recent events from Japan, Nepal, Bohol, Cebu, Leyte and etc., I will always be ready.

I am also happy that because of Crossfit, I am a superwoman, I feel that I can protect my family. I will do everything just to make them feel safe. How I wish I can go to Manila till March 8, but I can't because we have responsibilities here. 

I googled:

Scientists have tried lots of different ways ofpredicting earthquakes, but none have been successful. They have a pretty good idea of where anearthquake is most likely to hit, but they still can't tell exactly when it will happen.

There is also this article:

Here are my 3 bags!!!

Food for 3 days
Clothes for 3 days
2 Flashlight
Important documents

I will continue to have these bags till the end of March.

I hope you can also prepare!

Let us all pray and Hope for the best!!!


Budget Barbara

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