Huwebes, Pebrero 2, 2017

Budget Barbara Meets Djoyfulheart

Hi everyone!  Happy Thursday night!

Remember one of my NY resolutions that is to find friends who are genuine, positive and have the same likes as mine? Well, I got proactive about it and decided to meet up with my internet friend Danae.

She is also a blogger, follow her blog,

We have so many similar stories and we keep on commenting on each others social media. I think she exudes beauty and positiveness that I decided to meet her for coffee. 

When my sister went to USA last year, it is hard to really open myself to others, someone who understands and wants to relax and just have pure girl talk. I told myself to put myself out there, to make friends to women who are supportive and inspiring.

We met yesterday and we immediately hit it off. I am glad that I found a girl who embodies what I am looking for. We started joking about doing a photoshoot together and its bad that the weather was terrible, pouring rain! But still we decided to pursue our quest! lol. She even ask me if Cherry and me are like this everytime we meet and I said yes!!!

Facts about Danae:

- She is an Assumptionista like me.

-She is younger than me

- Our husbands were classmates in College. Both ECE graduates.

- We both looking for a responsible and hardworking man. 

-We both can relate about carreer and married life.

- We came from humble beginnings.

- We love fashion as you can see. lolz

- We both love to blog!!!

Danae really is a good on photography because of her husband. She looks so natural on cam, unlike me I get weirded out in the beginning and once I get into my jam (confidence), everything falls into place.

I always believe that any activity outside of the house is reason enough to dress up.
Comfort is a high priority for me because I need to take care of my kids when I go home.

Thank you Danae for letting me borrow your YSL bag! so cute!

-Dress - F21
- sandals - Primadonna

Pairing friends and fashion together makes me smile, releases my creative side. I am happy that making an effort to meet new friends who are also willing to know me better is a good decision for me. 

Thank you Djoyfulheart!
To more girlfriend bonding together!



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