Huwebes, Pebrero 16, 2017


OOOhhh.. the pressures on Social Media for Women. You must be cute on your selfies, have the latest gadgets, travel, look cool. Everything must look good..It's a little bit of competition down there. Seeing your friend who has more exciting life than yours. 

So what do you do??

There's a new work in town aside from online jobs. There are WALKERS.

Yes, its true. Online Prostitutes who charges small price for SEX.

I first knew about them in my mommy group in facebook. 

They are just in facebook, whatsapp, viber. They just send the guys selfie and tell their vital statistics. 


fair skinned/ slim/etc.

rules: no cof (cum on face)
no com  (cum on mouth)
with condom
add extra if no condom

2,500/ 1 pop (1 round)
3500 /2 pop (2 rounds)
5,000 or 8,000 for MODELS

I think it is the ELEPHANT in the room. Many people know about it but no one talks about it. In my mommy group, some of them they catch their husbands asking a walker for the price.

I am sad for them. I am old fashioned and having MY DIGNITY is important to me. I would not sell my body for things/money. I will work hard for money and I will earn it thru hardwork. Value and love yourself. These guys are using you and they might even have STD/AIDS.

That's why I got disgusted when I received this. How easy for men to send this to us women. He even knows that I am a married woman. If I pose a sexy pic thats for me, my husband and to be an inspiration for other moms out there. I never expected someone will send me.

Why would some women decide to be a walker? For easy money. OMG I cannot imagine doing it.   Women meeting all of these strangers giving themselves, destroying their lives and feeling dirty after. Their self esteem will get even lower because of it. Where are the parents of these women? I hope parents will guide them to never succumb to such pressures.

Most of the men who goes for walkers are the ones who has no girlfriend, unhappy with their wives, or just want to satisfy their ego even if they have the the loveliest woman around.

Hey guys don't you know? 80% who separated from their wives regrets it. So why don't you be a man and take care of your wife or girlfriend?  Be satisfied and don't pay for a WALKER.

LIFE IS SO SHORT to make mistakes. Don't WALK. Work hard, be proud of yourself that you achieved something. Don't settle for less. Give your very best in your life while not stepping on others. Don't destroy a marriage. Find your own happy ending.

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