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Feelin Blue for Valentines Day

budget barbara blue and white stripes.jpg

Happy Valentines Everyone!

Just wanna share my outfit on our date last Valentines day. I admit, I am guilty of buying a new top because I had been contemplating a blue and white stripes on some bloggers and celebrities for a while now and they look chic in every way. For almost a year now, I had been thinking of it more like a polo type, but since I don't have any office to go to everyday, I decided not to buy.

But while I was buying uniforms for my manicuristas, I saw a lot of blue & white stripes top on the department store and I just cannot RESIST. They have different styles to choose from and I chose the off-shoulder style.

I bought this in Gaisano Mall Department Store for - P320
The top looks so cool and the texture is super crisp and nice that I don't need to iron it.
I think this top is good for casual dine with friends, or another day in the office, family reunions or just a quick date with your man.

Budget Barbara melissa shoes.jpg

Of course the pants I wore is from Cherryfic Finds

Shoes - from Melissa

Budget Barbara Happy skin.jpg

This top will surely be part of my closet till I get old.

Sharing to you or simple lunch date with my husband, which is just a regular day for us because we always go out for lunch 5 times a week.

Don't you love this song? The title is Needed you by the little sis of Miley Cyrus. I thought it was Rihanna. I really needed my husband this week because I got hurt emotionally by someone. He quickly made me happy by giving me a surprise for Valentines day, just a gift certificate from Forever 21. He was never a giver of flowers, he goes for gadgets, chocolates and clothes because I was never happy with flowers anyway. I love the sweet gesture and just being by my side when I need him.

I don't wanna live forever by Zayn and Taylor Swift

This is my number 1 this week. Super nice, I feel the love. lol. Makainlove, Makilig pd ko kay Zayn and Gigi Hadid. I'm not a fan of 50 shades of gray but I super love the song, I can play it all day long.

I really needed a hug from my Mom, sis and brother, but good thing I have my Angel, my darling husband who is always my Home and my rock in this thing called LIFE.

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