Lunes, Pebrero 6, 2017

Gold & Nude

Hi everyone!

How cute is my background? I saw this random gate while I was outside a bank and thought that it may look good in my outfit today.

As I am in my adventure of shopping in my closet, Kim Kardashian was my style inspo todays as she does not wear color anymore. I super love how it looked, I look so fancy!

Here are my outfit details:

top - P200 (VP tiangge store)
shades - Sunnies (its broken now huhu)
Nude Cardigan ( one of my basics that can go with everything)
P250 Gmall Tibungco
Sequined skirt - Just G got it on sale and I think its a classic & cute.
(P500 - 50% off)
Sandals - Primadonna P1k It's a little bit expensive but I use it all the time and it is super duper sturdy and comfy so it was worth it. Perfect for bohemian laidback girl look!!!

UPDATE on my look today: My busy work look wearing my super duper comfortable jacket from f21 given by my mom, Hubby's cap from his college days & my Mango top from 9 years ago! Hope you have an awesome & fruitful week guys.

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