Sabado, Abril 8, 2017

Cavanico iL Mare Beach Resort

Hi everyone!

I am going to talk about my experience with Cavanico iL mare Resort in Samal Island,Davao.

My family are always looking for resorts that is beautiful and comfortable at the same time. We don't mind paying as long as I feel safe and the kids are happy. I am having a little bit of anxiety because of the terrorists who randomly go here and kidnap foreigners.

I see a lot of my facebook friends going at this resort and I seem to enjoy seeing the pictures.

When I entered the result, the interiors was super nice! It looks really inviting. But then when I was about to pay for the entrance fee, they are not computerized yet, and I was before a very big family, so it took time for me to finish paying while my kids was so excited to go to the beach. They need to have faster service or a system that works best for the customers. 

After that, we went to the beach which was a little bit far from the entrance but it was so worth it. I loved the beach and the view of the sunset was amazing.

We ordered some food and the service was great too!

For the place, I highly recommend Cavanico iL Mare.

Day Tour: 250
Night Tour: 350

For the rooms, I think they range from P4,000 and up. Check out their facebook for questions and prices.

The only two things that I did not like on Cavanico iL Mare was the Comfort Room. It is too ugly for me. I was not comfortable and it is too plain and not clean enough. If you compare it to Paradise, it has a very big difference. How I wish they will make an effort to renovate the comfort room.

But I love the service of the waiters and how they accomodated us and we rode in a golf car so that we will not be too tired walking to the parking area. 

Cavanico iL Mare at night is super nice. The lights, the interiors looked great.

Overall, we enjoyed my hubby's birthday there. The price range was very reasonable.

We will surely comeback again.

Lastly, here is my natural beach look!!!

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  1. Magkano po ang corkage sa food and drinks? and yung cottage good for how many persons? May pricelist po ba nito