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My Huawei P9 Review and Huawei P10 is coming SOON!!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I got my Huawei P9 this week from Globe. Yipee!!

I only have one Sun simcard for texting and I only buy the P200 unlimited sun to sun call and 1000 free text to other networks. I mean who texts nowadays? Almost all of my friends and family use Facebook to contact each other, right? I only use texting in terms of business and important stuffs like hubby needs to talk to me asap or other transactions that needs to meet up or something.

I have my Globe internet postpaid line because I am always on the go and I really need to have full access on the internet at my grasp, specially when I am out and customers contact me on facebook and some of our business in our internet cafe.

So therefore, I conclude (lol), that I need my Globe line and I renewed my contract with having a free Huawei P9 Phone!!! yey! 

I already heard a lot about the phone specially when I knew that they partnered with Leica which is one of my favorite brands that I cannot afford. I just love the Macrolens or 'bokeh' effect on my pictures. 

When I tried it, I quickly tried the bokeh effect and I was so shocked on how much my pictures look really good and the color is super fine!!!

Having my ootd and playing with the bokeh effect. Love love it! NO EDIT BY THE WAY!

Top : Gmall on Sale beside Port Cafe P90
Pants H& M Sale : P500 only
Cardigan: P200 on Gmall Department store
Cap: Mossimo, Eric's hat when he was in HS.
Shoes: Adidas

Look how gorgeous my daughter looks? The blurry background is on point.

 What about the Selfie game??

I super love that I don't have to edit my selfies but to be honest, I used the Beauty effect. Who doesnt? LOL 

Our groufie, look how it gives beautiful lightings! I am so inlove!

Although I am an avid iphone user, what I can say is, in terms of browsing and just using the internet, I still love how fast the iphone works. But in terms of the selfie and pictures, I love my Huawei P9!
When you are indoors, you need to explore more because the pics may be dark at first, you just need to practice on how to get the perfect pic! But if there is good amount of lighting, it is very good.

Huawei P9 is also fast but if you compare it with iphone, the loading part of some pictures on Facebook, Iphone is faster. But nonetheless, not that big difference anyway. So come and get your Huawei! I am so obsessed!

Good News! Huawei P10 and P10 plus is available for preorder now in Lazada!
If I super love the P9 what more for the P10 right??

If you want to order, Just click below:


The price point is lower than expected.

P28,000 for the P10
P37,000 for the P10 plus

Here is a Huawei P10 review:


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