Linggo, Abril 16, 2017

SICK MOMMA + realizations

Hi everyone!

Hope you had a beautiful Holy Week.

I am usually a happy person when there is a holiday. I plan trips for the family and nice activities.
But I had a weird stomach bug that started last Wednesday. I could not take it any longer so I had my check up last Saturday and it was GASTRITIS AND ASYMPTOMATIC UTI.

It turns out, I drink coffee and tea and too much chips the last 3 weeks. I did not feel any painful urination thats why I never expected to have UTi.

As I was feeling really bad last Friday, my hubby promised me to take me to the hospital. But he had a very big problem on his Panacan internet cafe branch. Part of the electricity exploded and he was so stressed out and he had to find an electrician ASAP. So sadly, I have to go on my own even though I am in pain.

I realized never to rely on anyone else ( oa lang?) because in the end, I will only have is myself. I know hubby will come with me if he wanted to but it is very human of me to think that way. In our 11 years of being together, he is always there for me that is why I expected him to be with me, (you know, sanay na ) also, when he was sick, I was always the one who stops everything and takes care of him.

I guess when you own a business, I should understand him and if he is free, I know he will come with me.

I don't want to disturb anyone, so I decided to be strong and handled myself. I kept on thinking about my mom that she is always alone in New York and dealing with life. How about my sister, who braved Jedah just to earn money, and my brother who is being a street smart daily in Manila? 
I am born to be an independent woman and I did it alone, bought my medicines and went home.

Today, I am doing good and I hope I will be 100% okay tomorrow.

I also realized that now that I'm 30, I started to feel getting older when I was squinting looking at the board of our work out at the gym. I think my eyes had too much of using my phone at night time, SO I decided to stop reading before sleeping when the lights are off.

Also, dealing with gastritis is not an easy feeling. I feel bloated and in pain and I blamed myself for what is happening. Too much caffeine is bad for my body. I learned the hard way, and now that I have gastritis, I will be more healthier than I ever be.

Lastly, I always wonder now that I am 30, I keep having unwanted pimples? I thought I am finished with that in my teenage years and early 20's? I am not even super stressed. I think my hormones is a little bit whacked out. Thankfully for proper skin regimen, I am fighting it.

 Sharing to you our pictures at the park last Good Friday. Even though I am in pain and a little bit dizzy, I still went out to play with my family.
pose like a pro

with the loving dad and Liam filled with chocolate ice cream on his mouth


love my hubby

we are so excited for next week!

with my sweet boy

they were running around like crazy

ootd from Labyrint Garden (Japanes clothing)



Thankful to have my family.

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