Sabado, Abril 1, 2017

The Japanese Thrifted Dress & My search for the best Camera

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Just wanna share on what happened to me this week and how I decided some things that made me save along the way.

But first, I wanna share this thrifted dress that everyone really love, I got this from Labyrinth Garden in Facebook. My Mamey friend (mommy from Heather school), who loves all things Japanese and Korean is a walking Cosplayer when she wants to dress up. I like how she looks but I can't pull it off. She is so bagay on her looks and she is very confident. She told me she buys her clothes from Labyrinth and I decided to check it out.

I was not planning on buying anything but this dress gave me some heart pumping, big eye ala fashion addict kind of feeling. So I decided to look more and I found some stuffs that I also want to buy. When I buy online, I usually buy 3-5 dresses to save me from shipping. But if I only like 1 dress, I will not buy any.

When all of the dresses arrive, I was quite disappointed with how it looks, although I knew it was thrifted, I think the price was too expensive for the way some of the dresses look. I mean, P350-P400 is too much for a thrifted for me.

But later on, when I washed it and ironed all the dresses, I tried it on and I loved it.

So there you go, if you want some Japanese inspired dresses, go to Labyrinth Garden, and it is your choice to risk.

Lately, I had been so inlove with wearing dresses, because I always wear Athleisure type of clothes after I work out because I am always on the go. So everytime we are having a date, or some family time, I love wearing dresses to make me feel girly and cute. I also love flowy dresses because sometimes I want my body to breathe. I don't want to always be sexy because I am more than just my physical appearance.

Anyway, Since January, I had been looking to some cameras to buy for my birthday!
I was thinking if its Fujifilm Xa3, Sony A600 (something), or Canon g7x mark II.
I had been leaning towards the Canon g7x because it has the best review! It costs a lot though, P30,000! When I told Eric, I wanted it for my birthday, he told me that he can't buy the whole thing and he can only give me half the price! So I am really looking forward on saving P15k for the camera.

But I was thinking that it is really a waste of money because I already have my Canon 500D with 3 lenses already! I also have Samsung Galaxy Camera which I don't use that much anymore! SO I think that cameras are not good investment except for the DSLR that I still use till now.

So I am thinking of buying a bonggalicious Phone that has a good camera!
My choices are:

Vivo V5 Plus P30,000
Huawei P10 Plus P40,000

As much as I have money to buy these phones, I think they are quite expensive and I really keep on thinking everyday if its worth it because I don't buy phones for myself, my brother always gives me his old phone and Eric also. Take Note that I already have Iphone 6 now. But I really love having phone that has dual cam Leica lens on Huawei and the bokeh effect of the Vivo V5 plus.

We are going on 3-4 trips soon, so I really wanted to have a good camera with me so I really really can't decide on what to buy.

Then this week happened.

My favorite lens on my Canon 500D was broken and I was quite pressured for our trip this April so I consulted my siblings on what will I buy the whole Tuesday night.

By the end of the night, I decided NOT TO BUY anything from the choices because it is not practical. Long Story Short, I bought a new 35mm lens for my Canon and just renewed my contract from globe and I got a free Huawei P9 instead. Although it is not the Huawei P10 plus, atleast I saved a lot.

I am really happy with my decision and I am proud of myself for not succumbing to expensive gadgets. Yes, I am still Budget Barbara.

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