Sabado, Hunyo 10, 2017

Our Xian, China Trip

Hi Everyone!

I would just like to share our video in Xian, China trip last April 23-28, 2017. I posted it last April and I just did not like to share my video because I just want the memories for myself. Right now, I feel like I want to share it if you are interested.

It was a super unforgettable trip because it was a FREE trip and also we learned a lot on how to grow more our internet cafes.

We did not expect to be amazed by China because most people says negative things about the country, but to be honest, we enjoyed our stay there. China is beautiful and their culture is amazing. I can see that they are united. People are disciplined and some of the food might be spicy, no ice, no rice and no spoon and fork in sight! But all in all it is one to keep on my memory box.

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