Biyernes, Hulyo 28, 2017

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Hey. Remember me? I am Budget Barbara. The super duper inconsistent blogger. This year I decided not to blog anymore. I have my reasons.

1. Authentic blogging is dead. Writing a diary online from 2008-2013 was so fun. Everyone was so authentic and I can catch a glimpse of so many writers around the world. Now its all about sponsors, endorsing with no heart. I get it, its hard to write authentically every freakin' day but it makes me cringe watching those bloggers become superficial and just for the money. I understand that they want to earn money, but I miss the old blogging ways.

2. I tried blogging for almost 7 years, I decided that in no way I can see it as a career so I tried to focus more on my business, family, fitness and trying my best on stock market.

3. As I am getting older, I want to shy away from being too vain. I am 30 and, I just can't see myself saying, Hi, this is what I'm wearing today.. yada yada...

But naturally, I will always be back and I have this new app that I can blog straight to my phone. So I will really try to blog.

Top: diy (it was a dress)
pants: Victoria Plaza P350
Cute Heart Bag: (all the way from China)

So follow me soon as Farah 3.0 and hope I will continue to inspire you with my Budget friendly outfits,my positive view on life and how I juggle my family, business, friends and financial journey.

If you are bored, you can follow my instagram for my everyday looks and rants.


Budget Barbara

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